Caregiver Support Network

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to suspend our Caregiver Support Network classes.

We hope we can get together soon.

How are you doing? - A Caregiver Support Network

For most of us, living with someone who has PTSD/TBI or who has experienced MST, the world becomes much smaller. We focus on doing all we can to ensure our other half is protected from the triggers that can make a relatively calm day fall apart. Most of us quit accepting invitations out – maybe because it will be too loud, or too many people. We inadvertently isolate ourselves. We pull away from friends.
As family members of veterans with these diagnoses, we understand all of this.
Which is why Dog Tag Buddies & Adaptive Performance Center are teaming up. We want to create an educational and fun opportunity for caregivers, spouses, and significant others to participate in.
Our goal is to create a space where we support each other and engage in healthy and healing activities. The focus will be to build new friendships, learn about hidden injuries, provide tools to help family units learn to be more resilient in the face of these challenges, and most importantly, have fun!

Let us know if you're coming!


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