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What is Ride For Tomorrow?

American Legion Riders Chapter 4, Dog Tag Buddies, and Tenacious Dames Riding Club are teaming up for an important cause – to spread awareness about suicide in Montana. There are so many things that make this great state the most wonderful place in the world. But, our suicide rates being among the highest in the nation is not one of them.

The Iron Butt is a competitive challenge for riders across the United States, and often a personal feat for each motorcyclist. Ride For Tomorrow doubles the impact of this accomplishment by starting a critical dialogue of suicide prevention and awareness and carrying it for 1,000 miles. Don’t worry if you are not up to a 1,000 mile ride! Shorter routes are available throughout the ride. 

This ride not only adds miles to the odometer, but miles to the conversation of suicide. Everyone has a role in suicide prevention, and we’re speaking up.

We hope you join us.

Meet the Teams

Why We Ride: Question, Persuade, Refer

The ultimate goal of Ride for Tomorrow is to spark and sustain the critical conversation of suicide prevention and awareness among all Montanans. Funds raised for RFT will directly support Dog Tag Buddies’ newest program offered – QPR training – as well as other suicide prevention efforts.

QPR training is one of the leading suicide prevention and awareness techniques, and is used by first responders and educators when talking with individuals contemplating suicide.

The Official Iron Butt Route

The Official Iron Butt Ride is scheduled to begin at the 2nd Shift in Billings at 5 AM, with riders arriving back in Billings around 11 PM. All times are subject to change.

Following registration, you will be contacted by email by organizer of the Iron Butt route and logistics. Rider registration fee paid for participation in the Ride for Tomorrow will qualify you for a certificate for Ride For Tomorrow event, recognizing your commitment and efforts for suicide prevention and awareness efforts for the state of Montana. If you are interested in receiving an Iron Butt certificate from the Iron Butt Association, there is an additional fee that will qualify you for a certificate and Iron Butt Association patch.

Suggested Summer Solstice Routes

510 Mile Ride Option West

500 Mile Ride Option South

316 Mile Ride Option


Outlaws of Octane car club is sponsoring a Car Show and Shine as part of the Ride for Tomorrow event! The show will be from 10 AM – 2 PM on June 19 in the parking lot outside All-American Pharmaceutical in Billings Heights. There will be cars, bikes, food trucks, and FUN! Nonprofits whose missions centralize around suicide prevention and mental health services will be tabling during the car show to spread awareness about the various resources available to our local community.

So, come on out and enjoy some fun in the sun while supporting the cause behind Ride for Tomorrow! We hope to see you there.

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