Volunteering with Ride For Tomorrow


Thank you for wanting to get involved with Ride For Tomorrow – we couldn’t be more excited to have you on board! This event literally spans 1,000 miles, and we need all the help to make sure it’s a success, everyone stays safe, and the conversation keeps going.

Check out the volunteer opportunities below to see how you can become part of the dialogue about suicide in Montana. Once you’re ready, click the form button to officially become part of the RFT Team!

Volunteer Opportunities

Event Set-Up and Clean-Up

Be a part of bringing Ride For Tomorrow full circle!

Help RFT come to life through event set-up in your assigned shift area, or help bring RFT to a successful close.

Day-Of Event Duties

Ride For Tomorrow spans 1,000 miles – and we need volunteers all along the way to help our riders continue on successfully and safely. Volunteers will hand out water, snacks, and answer questions about what RFT is all about!

Collect Business Sponsorships

Know a business in your community that would want to support RFT? Send them our way! As a volunteer in this capacity, you would be a part of bringing Montana together, one business at a time.

Lead Volunteer Contact

Lead Volunteer will serve as the main contact person for their specific stop of the route. This role is critical, as it will allow us to have a designated person to contact if riders are ahead or behind schedule, there is a change in plans, or there are any other major updates. The volunteer in this role will also be responsible for leading the other volunteers in their area.

Rider Support

Sometimes, stuff happens. With an event like this, we will need volunteers that are open and able to be on team Rider Support. This will be a group of people with access to trailers or pick-ups who can follow the riders on specific legs of the route. This will ensure help on scene if something goes awry, such as an unexpected bike breakdown.

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