David Schantz grew up in Billings, MT. After graduating high school, he joined the Marine Corps Reserve. The Marine Corp sparked a flame of interest and enthusiasm, which led to a different attitude in life. He volunteered for as much military training as he could, completing jump school, Jump Master School, USMC Sniper School, USMC Advanced Sniper School, and obtaining the amphibious reconnaissance MOS, to mention a few. This new found enthusiasm carried over to his civilian life as well. He has solidified a career in the Information Systems security world, and has obtained some of the highest security certifications. Three combat tours (2 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan) opened his eyes to the greatness and evil of man. After retirement from the Marine Corps in 2012, he found he still needed to serve. David committed himself to helping fellow veterans through volunteer organizations at the local level.

  • Posted on: November 16, 2021