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Dog Tag Buddies Helping Veterans

Helping Veterans

One Rescue at a Time

Dog Tag Buddies partners veterans suffering from hidden injuries (PTSD, TBI, MST) with rescue dogs. Our program gives both the veteran and the dog a chance to lead a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

Our Story
A journey

A Journey

Towards Healing

A Look into the Training Process

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Like a Bridge

Over Troubled Waters

Training a service dog requires a veteran to face their injuries and disabilities head on, which can be extremely difficult.

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Training For

Both Ends of the Leash
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I’m a Veteran

I’m a Veteran

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I Want to Help

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forging new bonds

Our Purpose

The program is focused on helping veterans live more fulfilling lives through training and building a relationship with their service dog. This helps them find methods to recognize and manage the symptoms of their hidden injuries, discourages self-isolation, and helps find a renewed sense of purpose.

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Tom’s Story

“I have two boys that are very athletic and active in school and sports, and I wanted to go to their sporting events and watch them compete. But with the crowd I couldn’t do it. Since Bomber’s come into my life, this has really been life changing for me. I did serve 20 years active duty in the Army. I have three combat tours.

I did receive a traumatic brain injury from that. I had a lot of issues and anxiety being in crowds. With Dog Tag Buddies, you actually pair with a dog as a puppy. As the veteran and the dog, you go through the training together as a team. Through this program, I have learned how to be back out in public, being in those crowds so I can go out to dinner, I can go to sporting events and spend that time with my family.

I’m never going to go back to the way I was before military service, but Bomber’s here with me and we’re going to do it together and it’s going to be okay.”

serving montana


We have built a network of seven locations across Montana. Dog Tag Buddies offers services to those within these service regions and can help with fuel costs for those that need to travel more than 100 miles one way.

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