A brigade is defined as a

  • a large body of troops
  • a group of people who have something in common, especially an enthusiasm for a particular belief or subject

Dog Tag Brigade is a special group of individuals coming together to create a healthier community, improve mental health, and reduce suicide by serving those who served us.

A member of the brigade supports a larger cause. They hold strong to the belief in the power in numbers and the belief that together, we can make a difference. They are champions and advocates for Dog Tag Buddies’ mission of an integrative therapeutic program providing improved daily living and social mobility for veterans living with the invisible wounds of war and focused on helping veterans live more fulfilling lives through training and building a relationship with their service dog. They inherently know that this helps the veterans served find methods to recognize and manage the symptoms of their hidden injuries, discourages self-isolation, and helps find a renewed sense of purpose.

A member of the Dog Tag Brigade is a highly valued asset of the Dog Tag Buddies community, and their support is critical to the success of the mission. These individuals, families, businesses, and organizations ensure veterans participating in the program are flanked by a body of supporters that have their back today, tomorrow, and beyond. They recognize that the journey of healing is not a linear one, but rather a long and winding road. And they recognize that Dog Tag Buddies is committed to the veterans in their program not just during their training, but for the life of their dog and beyond, and the sustainment provided by the Brigade provides safety and security to participants and their families.

Brigade members are highly valued not only for their contributions in dollars, but for their contributions in belief, in commitment, and in trust. They give because they believe in the difference their contributions make in the lives of veterans and families, and they give to Dog Tag Buddies because they trust that Dog Tag Buddies holds true to the values they hold dear.

As a member of the Dog Tag Brigade, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Support our veteran teams, their families, and our community by your commitment to contribute monthly to our mission
  • Provide a foundation of encouragement, safety and security to our participants and their families
  • Become a champion advocate, committed to sharing Dog Tag Buddies mission, creating a healthier community, and improving mental health to help reduce suicide
  • Bring visibility to Dog Tag Buddies by volunteering or spreading the word about local events and fundraisers
  • Receive Brigade and Dog Tag Buddies promotional items, quarterly newsletters, sneak peeks/early access to events, and discounted swag and event tickets