Dog Tag Buddies would not be what it is today without the dedicated and caring community surrounding the veteran population in Montana.

Just like our Dog Tag Buddies teams, we look for volunteers who are dedicated to our mission, willing to learn new things, and ready to work hard and have fun while doing it! As our organization grows, our volunteer opportunities grow as well. Click the button below to learn the specifics about what you can do as a DTB volunteer. Then, fill out the official volunteer application to get started!

Job Descriptions

We are an evolving organization with a steadfast mission. The button below provides an updated list of currently available volunteer opportunities.

Puppy Foundation Training Volunteer

Please read the following description and requirements carefully:

  1. Must be located in or around Billings, MT and have the ability attend class once a week with puppy.
  2. Complete a background check, face-to-face interview, and home inspection.
  3. Complete our Dogs 101 online course, observe 3 veteran training classes, and attend a 1 ½ day on-site on-boarding at the Dog Tag Buddies Training Center in Billings.
  4. Puppy Raiser will provide daily exercise and play time.
  5. The ability to lift 30 to 50 pounds.
  6. Willingness and ability to bring a 5- to 8-month-old puppy into your home for up to 6 to 8 weeks.
  7. Take puppy to different locations at least three time a week.
  8. Puppy raiser is required to bring puppy to weekly training with a DTB trainer and will be assigned specific skills to work on during the following week. Class will be held each Wednesday at 1:00 pm for approximately one hour for 6 to 8 weeks.
  9. Puppy Raiser will work to maintain the puppy’s behavior and teach them to be neutral towards other puppies, dogs, or people.
  10. Puppy raisers are required to follow guidelines outlined in DTB volunteer program and all instruction on puppy raising provided by DTB.
  11. Puppy Raiser is required to take the puppy to all scheduled veterinary appointments.
  12. Puppy Raisers are required to maintain weekly training and socialization logs on work assigned by the DTB trainer.  These logs will need to be submitted weekly during training sessions.
  13. Puppy Raisers are responsible for the puppy’s safety. Puppy must be on a leash or in an enclosed area whenever outside.
  14. May not have other dogs in the home that are aggressive or reactive.
  15. Puppy Raisers are not responsible for expenses related to food, treats, or toys or any preventive care or veterinary care.
  16. DTB is responsible for the puppy and will take responsibility for all costs and handle emergencies.
  17. DTB puppies are precious to us.  In cases when a puppy raiser cannot meet these minimum requirements, the puppy may be removed for the volunteer home to protect its health and safety.

Completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


Below are the links to PDF copies of volunteer forms that you will read and sign during the online application. These copies can be used for personal review, use, and records.

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