Thank you for your interest in Dog Tag Buddies! We devote ourselves to helping veterans live more fulfilling lives. In return, we ask that you commit fully to the process and your success.

Please read all instructions prior to beginning the application process.

  • Must be a United States Veteran 
  • Have a VA Disability Rating for PTSD, TBI, or MST
  • Must live within our service area: Montana, Northern Wyoming, Western North Dakota, Western South Dakota, Eastern Idaho
Application Process
  • In order to complete and submit the first part of the application (Veteran Profile), you need to upload and attach:
    • A copy of your DD214
    • A copy of your VA Disability Rating showing a rating for PTSD, TBI, or MST
You will not be able to submit your application without uploading these documents, and you cannot save and return later to finish the application. You need to have these documents ready PRIOR to starting the application.

Please use a computer or tablet to fill out the application. If you use a cell phone, have the required attachment documents on your phone to upload. Some parts of the application DO NOT work in Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser to complete the application.


After completing the Veteran Profile application,  you will receive an email from “Apricot Software Alerts” with instructions and links for additional documentation. Please check your spam or junk mail if you do not receive this email.

  • Medical Information: You need to sign and give the attached medical release to your treating provider. After that your treating provider needs to complete the Medical Information form online.
  • Family Questionnaire:  Two individuals must complete a family questionnaire on your behalf. This should be a parent, spouse, significant other, or family member who currently lives with you. If you live alone, please have two people who see you at least on a weekly basis complete the document.
Dog Tag Buddies must receive all 4 documents before moving forward with your application.

Completing the Veteran Profile Application, Medical Information, and Family Questionnaires is only the first step in the application process. If necessary, we may request additional information from you, your care provider, or family member.

Following review of all submitted documents and information, we will schedule an interview with you. Following the interview, we will conduct a formal background check and schedule a home inspection to ensure a dog would be safe once placed with you.

Most importantly, remember that the submission of an application does NOT guarantee acceptance into our programs.

If accepted into the program, Dog Tag Buddies’ trainers will begin searching for a dog that fits your needs. However, there is no specific timeline in which a dog will be found. Dog Tag Buddies will find a dog that most closely matches your needs, and we will work with you during this time frame to prepare you for your dog.

  • While you are waiting for a dog, you will be required to come to training one (1) hour each week as an observer.
  • Once you are matched with a dog, you will commit to attending training one (1) hour each week at specific day and time. 


If we determine that you are not a candidate for our program, you will receive a letter notifying you of the reason(s) why, and what steps, if any, may determine future eligibility.

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