Kailey Passon is part of a 5th-generation ranching family on the Highline. She is also the owner and head trainer of Hi-Line Canine, LLC. She has been professionally training dogs for 3 years now and says she couldn’t ask for a better job! She joined the Dog Tag Buddies team in 2021. She has worked with dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes, doing basic and advanced obedience, therapy and service dog work, boarding and training, and a lot of puppy training. She is also k9 CPR first aid certified. She hopes to expand her business further and train more working stock dogs for ranchers.

Kailey is a 2020 graduate of Carroll College with a BS in Anthrozoology and a minor in Sociology.

Alongside dog training, she is also working with her husband to take over my family’s cattle and sheep ranch. They currently have 15 head of cattle of their own and hope to expand that a little more each year! Kailey’s favorite things to do outside of work are riding her horse Abe, traveling with her husband, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Posted on: January 15, 2024